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The solution to the bioavailability problem is modification of the chemical form, where the basic form of the BPC-157 peptide is transformed into a stable peptide salt through a set of modifications. When the basic form of BPC-157 is modified by conjugation with additional amino acids, the peptide increases its stability and overcomes the existing gastric barrier. The greatest stability of the peptide is seen when it binds to L-arginine molecules. Combination with molecules of other amino acids including lysine, ornithine and other amino acids, in the form of enantiomers (L-,D-), also brings the expected therapeutic effect.

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By combining the peptide with sugars such as D-mannitol, trehalose or sorbitol and many others, the effect of the peptide can be further increased. Modified to the form of a stable salt, the peptide remains stable under high temperature or in contact with low pH environment, which is present in gastric juice and so far has been a barrier to obtaining the desired effect.

The most convenient and safest method of administration of therapeutic substances for the patient is oral administration. An appropriate dose of the BPC-157 peptide, in an innovative form of a peptide salt, is introduced into the body by swallowing a capsule that enters our digestive system and, without being disintegrated there, migrates to the bloodstream to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Most BPC-157 peptides available on the market today are most often found in an unmodified, basic form, which decreases their bioavailability and minimises their efficacy.

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